Google Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2024

Google Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2024  Start your educational journey and achieve all of your postsecondary education goals from any location on the planet. You may submit an application for a Google Scholarship in the field of your choice for the 2023-2024 academic year. Due to financial constraints, Google is attempting to capitalize on innovators and exceptional students who are left behind. Google is at your service, so have no qualms.

Google has taken the initiative and partnered with other organizations to support pupils in Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada, And Elsewhere. Thus, the abilities of the students would be effectively utilized. Google gives preference to candidates who value diversity, equity, innovation, inclusion, and academic performance. If you believe you possess all of these qualities, you should apply for Google Scholarships in order to avoid any potential obstacles.

These scholarships are funded by Google and other non-profit organizations and enterprises, including Lime, Connect, and EmployAbility. Utilize this fully-funded scholarship opportunity to accomplish your objectives. Google encourages men and women to apply for scholarships, particularly those with disabilities who have a golden opportunity to acquire a degree in computer science.

List of Google Scholarships 2023 

  • Host: Google
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Degree level: Masters, Bachelor, Ph.D.
  • Eligible Countries: All Nationalities
  • Deadline: Varies

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Google Scholarship Regions

The Google Scholarships are for students who belong to the following countries/continents;

  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Americas

Google Scholarship Programs List for 2023

The following list has the Google Scholarships available for students from different countries; these scholarships are as follows;

  1. Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarships
  2. Generation Google Scholarship (APAC)
  3. Google Lime Scholarships
  4. Generation Google Scholarships (North America)
  5. Generation Google Scholarship (EMEA)
  6. Google Student Veterans of America Scholarships
  7. Google Conference Scholarships

#1. Generation Google Scholarship (APAC).

Generation Google scholarships are based on the student’s academic performance and innovative skills used to excel in computer science. Women are highly encouraged to apply for the scholarship. Students who belong to Asia-Pacific are eligible to apply for APAC scholarships. The USD 1,000 will be awarded to the students, which must be spent on educational purposes.

  • Opening date: Early 2023
  • Details: APAC 

#2. Google Lime Scholarships.

In partnership with Lime connect (a non-profit organization), Google has established Scholarships for students in the USA and Canada to pursue their education and make promising careers. You can apply for the scholarship if you are currently studying in an undergraduate or graduate program at any University in the United States or Canada. The US students will get an amount of $10,000, while students in Canada will be awarded CAD 5,000.

#3. Google Student Veterans of America Scholarships.

The Google SVA Scholarships are for veteran students who want to obtain university degrees in the field of computer sciences. The amount of the scholarship is $10,000. All students living in America are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

  • Opening date: Early 2023
  • Details: SVA

#4. Generation Google Scholarships (North America).

Those students interested in computer science and want to continue their education in related fields can apply for the Generation Google Scholarship for North American students. The students who belong to the USA will be awarded $10,000 for the scholarship, and for Canadian students, the amount of $5,000 is awarded.

#5. Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarships.

Google aims to inspire and support students who have potential and want to change the world with their leadership qualities but are afraid to do so due to some disabilities. They must not worry now because Google has established Scholarships for students of Europe with disabilities in partnership with Employ Ability to reach their goals.

Students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in any accredited university in Europe or Israel can apply for the scholarship. This scholarship is available for the subjects of Informatics, engineering, computer science, and other techniques-related fields. The award of €7,000 will be granted to the scholarship winners.

#6. Google Conference Scholarships.

The Google Conference Scholarships aims to help students who belong to underrepresented groups in technology and business and need help to come forward to attend the leading conferences. These scholarships will be helpful in the tech industry, and you will be able to network with others and build your career.

#7. Generation Google Scholarship (EMEA).

Initially established for women in computer sciences but are open for every student who wants to attain undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degrees in computer sciences or technology. All applicants must show good academic performance and leadership qualities to qualify for the scholarship.

The amount of scholarship of €7,000 will be awarded to the winners. The selection is based on the strength of the essays and application materials, so students must try harder to present their best work.

  • Opening date: Early 2023
  • Details: EMEA

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