Italy Scholarship Program in 2022 | Fully Funded

Italy Scholarship Program in 2022 | Fully Funded

The Italian Scholarship Program 2022 is presently accepting applications. The Italian Institutes will host the Italian part of the Student Exchange Program. This Program accepts applicants of any nationality. This Program is created for students from all over the world who want to learn more about Italian culture and history through an educational experience in Italy. There will be no out-of-pocket expenses because of this program.

Policy innovation and political shifts will be another major emphasis of the course. Another possibility is that of a policy-making leadership development program. Each participant is anticipated to take part in workshops, training, skills development sessions, conferences, and other activities during the course of the program.

An exchange student programs in Italy lasts between 5 and 10 months. When filling out the application, students have the option of specifying whether they choose the 5- or 10-month program length they prefer. Florence, Italy, is where candidates will devote their time. As a bonus, they have the chance to meet other fellows and government officials. The information regarding this program can be found here.

Information Regarding the 2022 Italy Student Scholarship Plan

  • The host Country in Florence, Italy.
  • Institution: The European University Institute
  • There are two lengths of time available: 5 months and ten months.
  • Finances are fully covered.
  • Date: January 25, 2022
  • Coverage in the form of money

Expenses for the entire program will be covered by the program’s budget, which is fully funded. Listed below are the advantages

  • Basic Grant: € 2,500/Month
  • €300 monthly household allowance, a Fellow with a companion is eligible for further financial assistance.
  • Each dependent child receives a monthly payment of € 200.
  • To and from Florence, Italy: Roundtrip Airfare Tickets
  • The length of the EUI course

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Candidates of any nationality are welcome to apply
  • Civil servants, journalists, politicians, and non-governmental groups are all eligible for membership.
  • People with a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to learn are preferred.
  • Professionals in the early or mid-stages of their careers who show promise for advancement.

What You’ll Need

A PDF copy of my resume (100-120 words).

A motivation letter in pdf format is included (maximum 100 words). Please deliver data almost your interests in international affairs and your motivations for applying to the program.

A catalogue of responsibilities to be completed (maximum 1500 words).

A copy of your most recent academic transcript.

The letter of recommendation in PDF format is included in the package.

Examples of previous work, such as a report, article or blog post.


The application deadline for the EUI Italy Student Scholarship Program-2022 is January 25, 2022.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online. Your achievements will be carried into matter by the selection committee when they review your application. For further information and to submit an application, Please see the European Exchange Program’s website.

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