Germany’s 2022 Cross-Cultural Exchange Program | Fully Funded

Germany's 2022 Cross-Cultural Exchange Program | Fully Funded

The CrossCultural Exchange Program-2022 is looking for candidates. This program is fully funded and covers all costs. The CrossCultural Student Exchange Program will choose 120 students from the globe to spend 60 to 90 days in Germany as part of their studies. Participants from all educational backgrounds are welcome to apply. If you’re interested in learning about another culture, this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

It takes few months of preparation for participants to know about each other, learn Intercultural Skills from people from all over the world, expand their knowledge, and sample diverse cuisines. The application process is open for both genders—an exciting and well-known exchange program.

Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about Germany’s culture, as well as gain experience in the fields of civil, cultural, educational, scientific, artistic, policy and society, sustainable development, media and culture, human rights, peace, and media. Are you up for cultural immersion in Germany? Listed below is comprehensive information about CCE 2022 Germany.

More information on the 2022 CrossCultural Exchange Program

  • German Federation
  • Time frame: 2 months
  • Finances are fully covered
  • There were 120 participants in this event
  • End date: January 31, 2022


Expenses for the CCP 2022 summer program in Germany will be covered by the program’s fully-funded student exchange program, which includes:

  • Allowances for a monthly total of €550
  • Airline Tickets for One Way Travel
  • All the Comforts of Home
  • A month-to-month pass for public transportation in the neighborhood where the holder lives.
  • In addition, Visa fees will be reimbursed.
  • Health Care

CCP Program’s Purpose

It is the purpose of the Cross-Culture Plan to build long-term civil society links among Germany and other nations. In host organizations, participants strengthen their knowledge and learn intercultural skills over the course.

Intensely Concentrated Subjects

  • Society and government
  • Culture and media
  • Peace and respect for human rights
  • Ecologically sound growth
  • Internet-based civil society
  • Non-academic political training
  • Environmental rights
  • Citizenship and civics education

Countries That Qualify

To be able to participate in Germany’s International Program, people from all over the globe can apply for this opportunity.

Criteria for eligibility

  • When applying, the candidate has to between the ages of 23 and 45.
  • A strong command of both written and spoken English.
  • Experiential Learning
  • For a longer stay abroad, the candidate is in good health.
  • He/she has been actively involved in the community for a long time.

What You’ll Need

The subsequent files should be e-mailed or faxed to us:

  • A letter of intent to succeed
  • CV
  • Referral from your current employer/organization is a must!
  • A photo (optional)
  • Criteria for selecting a candidate
  • If you’ve been selected, you’ll hear from the German Embassy through email and be scheduled for an interview.
  • The selection interviews may be performed over the internet or over Skype in rare circumstances.
  • They will be informed before the end of January if they have been selected.

Application Processing Way

There is an online application process for the Cross-Cultural Program 2022 Germany. Please visit website to apply.

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