Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2022 Austria | Fully Funded

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2022 Austria Fully Funded

This is a fully-funded for all undergrads and master’s candidates to study for three months in Vienna. This Summer School will attract nearly 30 participants around the globe. There is no application fee.

Students who have completed (BA (Hons), Master, MSc) can apply for this program. When does the program begin? It begins in July and ends in August. The covered will pay for all of your expenses. This summer school does not need you to take an IELTS or TOEFL exam. Accommodation, travel expenses, and a stipend are all covered by the school. Some people find the Summer School to be more than a waste of time. CERN’s Summer Student Program in Switzerland should also be on your list of options.

Information about the Summer School at the Vienna Biocenter

  • Austrian capital city of Vienna.
  • Time frame: 9 weeks.
  • Coverage by the Financial Institutions: Complete.
  • January 31, 2022, will be a deadline.


Students attending the Vienna Summer School will get a fully-funded program.

  • Free Housing for Students
  • As part of the nine-week program, each student will receive $1,400 in stipends.
  • The nine-week contract includes medical insurance.
  • Unlimited usage of Vienna’s public transportation
  • Travel expenses to and from Vienna will be reimbursed.
  • There are numerous social occasions.

Requirements for Getting in

  • All foreign students.
  • However 2-years of study (either a bachelor’s degree or one year of a master’s degree – by 30 June) have been completed.
  • Three months of research experience is required in the first year of a two-year master’s degree in a Life Science-related field.
  • Accomplished Academics
  • Excellent command of the English language.
  • Enrollment in a university program for the current academic year and the following year.

Applying for a Job

The application process is currently being handled online. Fill out an online application and upload all the necessary documents.To Apply go to the Official website of Vienna Biocenter Summer School.

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