University Of Helsinki Top 06 Postdoctoral Scholarships In Finland 2023 | Click Here To Apply

University Of Helsinki Top 06 Postdoctoral Scholarships In Finland 2023

There is currently an opportunity for International Students to apply for One of Six Available Postdoctoral Fellowships at Finland’s University of Helsinki. Fellowships for postdoctoral research projects at the University of Helsinki are Fully Funded and open to Applicants From Anywhere in the World.

Numerous Scholarships for international students are made available by the Government of Finland, and the fellowships offered by the University of Helsinki are among the best available for advanced study in Finland. The Tuition Waiver offered by the Fully and Partially Funded Fellowship will cover the cost of your education in Finland.

In 1640, the city of Helsinki, Finland, became home to what would become one of the world’s leading universities: the University of Helsinki. According to the Global Ranking of Universities, Finland’s University of Helsinki comes in at Number 99. This institution is ranked at number 115 on the QS World University Rankings. The University of Helsinki is a world-class institution that offers researchers from all over the world access to excellent facilities. Don’t pass up the chance to attend university in Finland for free by accepting this Fellowship. Here are the Specifics of the Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Information about the University of Helsinki’s Sixth International Postdoctoral Fellowship:

(O1) Geoeconomics/Sociogenomics Postdoctoral Researcher:

  • University Name: University of Helsinki
  • Deadline: 31st August 2023

Dr. Andrea Ganna is the head of the Data Science and Genetic Epidemiology Lab, which aims to create or employ methods for the early detection of prevalent preventable diseases. Our team integrates electronic health records (e.g., with genetic data from large-scale biobank-based studies. Our team consists of geneticists, machine learning specialists, and epidemiologists. Dr. Stefano Lombardi is a senior researcher at the labor and education economics department of the VATT Institute for Economic Research. In addition to the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (which includes Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, and the University of Helsinki), the world-famous research center VATT (founded in 1990) is located on the Economic campus in the heart of Helsinki.

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(O2) Scientists working as postdocs in the Medical Systems Biology Lab:

  • University Name: University of Helsinki
  • Deadline: : 21st August 2023

Our group is part of the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Tumour Genetics Research. The lab uses functional genomics and systems biology to study how transcription factors affect cellular differentiation. High-throughput analyses of human transcription factor binding sites and specificities are currently underway to better identify the factors that control cell proliferation in normal development and malignancy.

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(O3) Co-Carbon Project Coordinator and Postdoctoral Researcher:

  • Universities Name: University of Helsinki
  • Deadline:  07th August 2023

INAR’s Urban Meteorology Group is hiring a postdoctoral researcher. Eddy covariance, land surface modeling, and big eddy simulation are just a few of the methods this team employs in its investigations of urban atmosphere, air quality, and the greenhouse gas cycle. The CO-CARBON interdisciplinary project was a joint effort between the universities of Helsinki, Aalto, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Häme University of Applied Sciences, and Copenhagen. The initiative is being funded by the Strategist Research Council of the Research Council of Finland. CO-CARBON’s primary goal is to calculate the total amount of carbon that is sequestered in urban vegetation by taking into account a wide range of socio-ecological factors. Its secondary objective is to offer practical help in meeting the numerous challenges of implementing carbon-smart urban green infrastructure.

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(O4)  Scientist in Bioprocess Technology Conducting Postdoctoral Research:

  • University Name: University of Helsinki
  • Deadline: 31st July 2023

The position is with Professor Kirsi Mikkonen’s Food Materials Science research group, one of the six divisions of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The postdoctoral researcher will be hired on a 40-month contract to work on the Academy of Finland-funded “Multipurpose Fungal Biorefinery” (MultiFUN) project.

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(O5) Research Associate at FIMM Specializing in in Silico Drug Repurposing:

  • University Name: University of Helsinki
  • Deadline: 30th July 2023

The postdoc will work in an interdisciplinary environment at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki, and HiLIFE, one of the leading life science research organizations in the Nordic region. The postdoc will work with and be supported by the REMEDI4ALL multi-center cooperation, an ecosystem at the European level that streamlines the use of recycled pharmaceuticals to fill medical gaps across all disease areas with a focus on cancer. This position will allow you to gain insight into the rapidly developing field of drug repurposing. FIMM offers a unique chance to work at the cutting edge of science and technology to improve people’s lives and health. Our corporate culture is one of openness, flexibility, and encouragement, and we are a dynamic, highly motivated group.

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(06) Postdoctoral Researcher in Plant Genetics:

  • University Name: University of Helsinki
  • Deadline: 21st July 2023

A postdoctoral researcher is needed to work on a project that examines the genetic components that underlie the mechanisms of temperature-mediated plasticity in A. thaliana flowers. To comprehend the adaptive potential of flower size plasticity in plants, it is intended to use field investigations, molecular and genetic approaches, and A. thaliana’s natural diversity. The precise research questions will be chosen based on the candidate’s background and areas of interest. We are looking for applicants who have a Ph.D. in plant genetics, plant biology, or a closely related topic, who also possess good conceptual and computational abilities, and who have published at least once as a first author. The candidate must also possess strong communication skills and the capacity to organize, carry out, and finish research assignments.

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