Nanjing University Highly Global Funded Scholarships Program In China For 2024 | No IELTS Needed

Anyone from Outside of China who wants to go to college abroad can apply for the Nanjing University Scholarship 2024. People from All Over The World can apply for Fully Funded Scholarships to finish their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. Degrees. You can choose from all the major subjects and specializations, such as Chinese history, management, writing, and social science. The person who applies will not be charged an application fee.

Every year, the Chinese Government gives a lot of grants to students from other countries. One of The Best Grants is this one as well. People from China and Other Countries can apply for this grant. It’s the fully funded scholarship that pays for everything while you study in China. For this scholarship, applicants who have already learned English Do not Need to take the ILETS. The only people who need to take an English language test are those whose last language of instruction was not English.

Nanjing University, which has been around since 1902, is one of the oldest and most renowned colleges in China. With the motto “Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance with Integrity,” this university is always trying to do its best in the classroom. Based on the QS World Ranking of Universities, the Nanjing University Scholarship 2023 in China is Ranked 123rd in the World. Nanjing University Scholarship 2023 in China is a high-quality university that meets worldwide standards. The best place to study is at this university, and the labs are fully stocked for hands-on work. Don’t miss this chance to go to China and study for free.

A Full Look at the Nanjing University Scholarship 2024 in China:

  • Offered Degrees: Undergraduate, Master & PhD 
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded 
  • University Name: NanjingUniversity
  • Host Country: China
  • Duration:  Undergraduates 4-5 Years, Master 2-3 Years, Ph.D. 3-4 Years
  • Application Last Date: 20 January 2024

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Help With Scholarships:

The Chinese Government pays for all of the costs of certain students while they are in school. This fully paid scholarship helps international students in the following ways:

  • The whole school fee
  • Complete health insurance
  • Free Place to Stay
  • Fee for registering
  • 2500RMB per month for undergraduates, 3000RMB per month for master’s students, and 3500RMB per month for doctoral students.

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Here is a List of the Subjects and Academic Fields that the Nanjing University Scholarship 2024 in China Covers:

You can get the Nanjing University Scholarship 2023 in China in any academic field. Graduate school takes four to five years, master’s school takes two to three years, and Ph.D. school takes three to four years. Below are details about the programs:

For Doctoral Students

  • Library Information and Archives Management
  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • Chinese History
  • Sociology

For Master Students

  • Science of Economic Law
  • Communication
  • International Trade
  • English Language and Literature
  • Chinese Philosophies
  • Master of Teaching Chinese

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What You Need to Do to Apply:

  • Those who want to apply must not be Chinese and be in good health.
  • To be qualified for this scholarship, a candidate must be an international student from outside of
  • China or a graduate of a Chinese university.
  • The candidate must have done very well in school.
  • Those who apply must be good at doing scientific study.
  • People who want to get a college degree must be younger than 25. People who want to get a master’s degree must be younger than 35, and people who want to get a doctoral degree must be younger than 40.

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Important Paperwork:

Below are lists of all the papers that you will need to apply online for the Nanjing University Scholarship 2023 in China:

  • Proof of Degree and Transcript
  • Picture of the Passport Size
  • A scanned copy of the passport
  • There are two letters of recommendation.
  • Statement of purpose, study plan, or research proposal
  • Proof of Language Test Copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form Acceptance Letter Other required paperwork

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The last day to apply is:

Today, January 20, 2024, is the last day to apply online for the Nanjing University Scholarship 2024 in China.

Instructions on How to Apply for the 2024 Nanjing University Scholarship in China:

The Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) entry form must be filled out by those who want to apply.There’s no need to send hard copies. You can apply online. Use the link below to go to the Nanjing University International student application system and fill out the online application. After the CSC gives its final approval at the end of August, the final result will be sent out by email.

Click Here to Apply
Official Scholarship Website 

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