KOC University Offer Totally Paid Scholarship In 2023/2024 | Study In Turkey

KOC University Offer Totally Paid Scholarship

Academic Awards from the KOC for 2023–24 Higher education in Turkey is available to Anyone From Outside The Country. Those interested in pursuing a Master’s or Doctorate degree from any part of the world are encouraged to apply for Fully Funded Scholarships. The University of Phoenix provides a wide variety of graduate-level programs and courses through its Graduate School of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Business, and School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Those who wish to continue their education in Turkey often congregate at Koc University. To apply for a scholarship in Turkey, you won’t have to pay anything.

Scholarships for international students are plentiful in Turkey. In order to attract the most qualified local and foreign students from all over the world, KOC University in Turkey offers a wide range of Local Bursaries, International Bursaries, Eligibility Sholarships, and Merit Scholarships Each Academic Year. The KOC University Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to deserving local and international students who wish to pursue higher education in the heart of beauty, Istanbul. The scholarship covers the cost of attending a KOC university as well as a plethora of other perks.

KOC University, located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, is one of the country’s most prestigious independent institutions of higher education. Koc University (KCU) has the highest national ranking of any university in Turkey. The QS World University Rankings place the university at No. 31 Worldwide. Students from all over the world can get a top-notch education at Koc University. You can learn and travel in one of the world’s most stunning locations. Every year, millions of tourists from all around the world flock to Turkey. Admissions at KC University are competitive. You need not submit a separate application for this study, so seize the opportunity while you have it. Below, you’ll find further information:

All You Need to Know About Fully Funded University Scholarships in Turkey, 2023–2024:

  • Offered Degrees: Master & PhD
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • University Name: Koc  University
  • Host Country: Turkey
  • Application Last Date: Different from Subject to Subject

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Gifts in Aid of Education:

International students from outside of Turkey are welcome to apply for the Koc University Turkish Scholarship 2023-24, a fully financed International Scholarship in Turkey for MSc and Ph.D. Degree Programs. Here are the prices you can expect to pay.

Master Degree Scholarships

  • Guaranteed 100% Full Tuition Scholarship for all admitted students.
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Accommodation
  • Other Benefits

Ph.D. Degree Scholarships:

  • Guaranteed 100% Full Tuition Scholarship for all admitted students.
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Accommodation in the University
  • Health Insurance
  • Office Space
  • Laptop
  • Travel Grants.

Koc University’s Courses/Academic Programs:

The Full Master Degree Scholarship and Ph.D. Degree Programmes at this school offer access to more than 70 different areas of study. The language of instruction throughout is English. Koc University’s Turkish Scholarship for International Students is currently offering the following awards:

Graduate School Of Business:

  • Koç University provides the Specialization in Management Double Degree with the University of South Carolina
  • MBA
  • Tech MBA
  • CEMS Masters in Management (CEMS MIM)
  • Executive MBA
  • MSc Finance
  • Koç University Masters in Management (KU MIM)
  • D. Business Administration

Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • MA Comparative Studies in History and Society
  • MA and Ph.D. International Relations and Political Science
  • MA and Ph.D. Archaeology and History of Art
  • MA, MD, and Ph.D. Design, Technology, and Society
  • MA and Ph.D. Psychology
  • MA and Ph.D. Economics
  • Ph.D. Sociology
  • Ph.D. History

Graduate School Of Sciences and Engineering:

  • MSc and Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
  • MSc and Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Physics
  • MSc and Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • MSc and Ph.D. Mathematics
  • MSc and Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Computational Sciences and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Chemistry
  • MSc Optoelectronic and Photonic Engineering

Graduate School of Health Sciences:

  • D. Reproductive Medicine
  • D. Neuroscience
  • D. Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • MSc Medical Microbiology
  • MSc Medical Physiology
  • MSc Reproductive Biology
  • MSc and Ph.D. Nursing (Turkish only)

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What You Need to Do to Apply:

Scholarships at Koç University are available to those who meet the following requirements.

  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree to apply for a Master’s.
  • Ph.D. candidates should have a master’s degree.
  • To achieve the required GPA and to qualify for foreign examinations.

Requirements in Terms of Paperwork:

The following requirements must be met in order to apply for the Koc University Turkish Scholarship 2023.

  • Submit Bachelor’s Transcript for Master’s Degree.
  • A Master’s degree transcript is necessary for the Ph.D. program.
  • The international student’s passport.
  • Revised Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Statement Transcripts Grade Point Average Diplomas
  • Evidence of English Proficiency Test Scores, Recommendation Letters, and Health Certificates.
  • It’s possible that further paperwork is needed.

Submission Deadline:

Koc University is offering a Turkish scholarship to international students for the academic year of 2023–24.

Instructions for Applying to KOC University Scholarships for 2023–24 in Turkey:

  • Applying for a graduate program at Koç University as an international student is done entirely online.
  • If you want to know more about admissions criteria, eligibility, minimum points, and application deadlines, check out the website of the appropriate Graduate School.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • Do not send an email or any college materials.
  • Applying to simply the program of your choice is all that is required. Scholarship awards are made without regard to applicants’ ability to pay.
  • The enrollment procedure is cost-free. Except for Master’s degrees requiring a Thesis at the Business
  • Graduate School, there is no application cost.
  • Only test points that were not accessible at the time of submission can be uploaded after an application has been filed.
  • You can always send an email to the relevant graduate school if there are any technical problems with your application.
  • Please be aware that if you are given participation in an Entry Program following Discussion, you will also be obligated to accept the Scholarship Offer.
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