Kuwait Universities Gives Best Graduate & Undergraduate Global Scholarships In 2024 | No IELTS

Kuwait Universities Gives Best Graduate & Undergraduate Global Scholarships In 2024

Scholarships for Study Abroad in Kuwait are Available to Students from Any Country in the World. This Fully Funded Scholarship is available to students from all over the world who wish to attend one of Kuwait’s Universities to get a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degree. Information on all available Kuwaiti scholarship opportunities that Do Not Require IELTS is provided.

Kuwait, as one of the World’s Most Powerful Muslim States, offers a number of scholarships to students from outside the country. The government of Kuwait has opened up the country’s educational institutions to foreigners. There are many scholarship organizations that provide complete financial support to international students. Candidates with Demonstrated Academic Excellence are strongly encouraged to submit an application for a Kuwait scholarship.

Kuwait Ranks #52 on the list of 125 Countries measured by the Education for All Department Index (EDI). All industrialized countries put a lot of money into their children’s education. The government of Kuwait is dedicating significant resources to improving and expanding the country’s educational system. The education system in Kuwait receives 6.6% of the country’s annual budget. Learn as much as you can while in Kuwait. Below are the Complete Scholarship Details for Universities in Kuwait:

Information on the University of Sussex’s 2006 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Full:

  • Offered Degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Awards: Fully Funded/Partially Funded
  • University Name: Universities in Kuwait
  • Host Country: Kuwait
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

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Kuwaiti University Scholarship Opportunities List:

  • Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholarships Program
  • Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Education Scholarships.
  • Burrows International Scholarship Programs Test
  • Toptal STEMS Scholarships for Women
  • Women in Finance Scholarships
  • Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant

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Quick Scholarship Information:

1# Program of Scholarships for the Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI):

  • Eligible Institutes: All Institutes of Developing Countries
  • Offered Degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Award: Fully funded
  • Benefits: 
    • Tuition and fee
    • Books
    • Monthly Stipends
    • Stationery items
    • Other related costs.
  • Age Required: 35 Years
  • Last Date to Apply: Different according to Subject

2# Scholarships Offered by the Ministry of Foreign Education in Kuwait:

  • Offered Degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Award: Fully funded
  • Benefits: 
    • Tuition and fee
    • Books
    • Monthly Stipends
    • Stationery items
    • Other related costs.

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3# Competition for Berrows Scholarships Abroad:

  • Eligible Institutes: All universities in accredited Kuwait
  • Offered Degrees: High School, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Award: Fully funded
  • Benefits: 
    • 700$ laptops and complete course fee for ranked first students
    • 425$ monthly stipend and complete course fee for 2nd & 3rd ranked students
    • 300$ monthly stipend and complete course fee for 4th-10th ranked students.

4# Toptal’s Women in STEM Award:

  • No. of Scholarships: 12
  • Offered Degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Scholarship Award: Partially funded
  • Benefits: 
    • 5000$ Scholarship
    • One-on-One Monthly Mentoring by Trainers
  • Age Required: 14 Years
  • Last Date to Apply: Not Specified

5# Grants for Women in the Financial Sector:

  • Eligible Institutes: All Institutes of Kuwait
  • Offered Degrees: Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Award: Partially funded
  • Benefits: 
    • An award of 20000$.
      • 50% for institutes
      • 50% for Scholarship Holder
  • Last Date to Apply: 30th June of each Year

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6# Sponsored by the Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation:

  • Eligible Institutes: All accredited universities of Kuwait
  • Offered Degrees: Bachelor’s, others
  • Scholarship Award: Partially funded
  • Benefits: 
    • Applying the first time: CAD 15000$
    • Applying the second time: CAD 18000$
  • Age Required:
    • Applying the first time: 18-41 Years Old
    • Applying the second time: Above 41 Years Old
  • Last Date to Apply: All over the Year

The Necessary Paperwork:

  • Diplomas plus a copy of the manuscript (if applicable)
  • Intent Letter
  • Having two certified copies of your birth record is a must.
  • Resume/CV
  • Photos for 2 Passports
  • Original and duplicate medical examination form
  • IDs (one each for the student and parent/legal guardian)
  • Study Plan
  • If applicable, a copy of the person’s death certificate.
  • Proposal for Study with Social Security-Related Justification Letter

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Application Procedures for the 2024 University of Canberra Scholarships:

  • Verify that you’re meeting all of the company’s specifications.
  • Submit an application for the grant.
  • To get verified information, click the link below.
Official Apply Link

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