Belgium Scholarships Without IELTS | Fully Funded

Belgium Scholarships Without IELTS | Fully Funded

For Non-IELTS Students in Europe to Study. Without an IELTS score, it is feasible to search academic scholarship in Belgium. Worldwide candidates be able to submit an application for a wide range in Belgium that don’t require an IELTS score. Applicants for the 2022 class are being accepted. Belgium universities do not require an IELTS score in order to apply for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. The Belgian government provides funding for these scholarships. A big cost might be covered through the Belgian Scholarship Program. Yes, that’s correct.

The Belgium Scholarships are designed to help you improve your abilities. Almost all academic fields and majors can be found at Belgian colleges and universities. ‘ It is important to note that there is no application fee. Several Belgian universities accept international students without the need for an IELTS score. Students from all around the world can benefit from the excellent education offered by Belgian universities.

The Belgian Government Scholarships for the academic year 2022 were also recently announced by the government. There will be more than 500 awards of scholarships. No IELTS is required to study in Belgium. Every International student can use an alternative way that is simple and straightforward. Below, you’ll find all the information you need.

1. Belgium Government Scholarships

Foreign students are eligible for a total of 220 government-funded scholarships per year. For Master’s degree in Belgium, there are scholarships available to be eligible for this scholarship, and you must be a citizen of a developing country. There is no need to worry about paying full tuition fees or a monthly grant, as this program covers all of these costs and more.

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2. VLIR-UOS Scholarship Program

In terms of scholarship opportunities, VLIR-UOS is up there with the best in Belgium. Annually, 31 international students to study at the Flemish university or institution is made possible by this program. Its best feature is that it covers all of a student’s expenses, including tuition, a monthly stipend, room and board, airfare, and other incidentals.

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3. ARES Scholarships Program

For students who wish to pursue a four to a six-month advanced training program in Belgium, this scholarship program is ideal. One hundred and fifty foreigners are accepted into the Master’s program, and seventy are accepted into the advanced training courses as part of this program.

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4. Government of Flanders offers Master Mind Scholarship Program

International students can also apply for scholarships from the Flanders government. This scholarship is for international master’s degree students. Approximately 30-40 overseas students are accepted each year under this scholarship program.

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No Need of IELTS

In order to get exempt from the IELTS, this is a basic and uncomplicated method that is accepted by Belgium universities.

Studying in Belgium is free and does not require an IELTS score. The English Language Institute accepts students who have previously achieved a bachelor’s degree in English. The English Language Proficiency Certificate can be applied for on behalf of the applicant. To prove that their earlier education was in English, students must submit an official declaration or certificate that is signed and dated.

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