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Opportunities for New Zealand Visa Sponsorship in 2023: You have been looking for a job for a very long time, and you are unemployed. Then worry no longer, as we provide visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand for the year 2023. There are jobs available in a variety of industries that offer generous incentives and benefits from the hiring organizations. Today, however, we will discuss the vacant positions in the healthcare industry. Therefore, if you possess a strong will and potential, you should seize this opportunity and fly to New Zealand.

Also, the level of difficulty of these jobs depends on the job posting for which you are applying.To make things simpler and more convenient for you, we’ve provided every detail. You can review the specifics and apply your skills and credentials. To avoid any inconvenience, all applicants must meet the quota requirements of the host companies before submitting an application. Depending on your qualifications and potential, you may be selected or placed on hold for a later date. You can inquire with the recruitment officer about the circumstances.

It’s a great chance for all international candidates to move up in their Careers In New Zealand and help the country fill jobs that need to be done. This article contains all the information necessary to submit a job application. You will need to conduct a thorough investigation to learn more about the recruiting firms.

New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 Details

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Job Sector: The healthcare sector
  • Eligible Countries: All nationalities
  • Type: Visa sponsorship
  • Category: Jobs
  • Deadline: Varies

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List of New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs

The following list contains the list of the organizations and companies that are hiring worldwide for various roles, such as;

  1. ABI Rehabilitation
  2. Oceania
  3. Auckland District Health Board

Let’s explain further the responsibility and criteria of the jobs the companies mentioned above offer.

#1. ABI Rehabilitation:

ABI is the acronym for Acquired Brain Injury. It is a leading Rehabilitation Centre that provides services in Specialized Intensive care and offers residential sites in NZ to people with traumatic brain injuries. They assist specialist and skilled pediatric teams in Aukland and Wellington, New Zealand. You can choose the location of the ABI rehabilitation services at any school, home, or ABI facility.

Currently, the ABI needs professional and skilled healthcare assistants to assist them in their services. The job will be to assist the client with daily tasks and meaningful activities. It will be a plus point for your selection if you have any experience in such a field. The ABI is looking for a candidate that can perform the following job duties;

Job Duties:

  • All candidates will need to encourage and engage clients to perform physical activity.
  • Help them and support them in daily tasks such as cooking, planning, shopping, and cleaning.
  • Provide them with personal care.
  • Encouraging them to do their best practice.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All applicants must have at least two years of experience in New Zealand Rehabilitation, Healthcare, or Mental Health.
  • Strong communication skills.

Average Salary: $22.49 – $28.25 per hour.

Apply here: [email protected]

#2. Oceania:

Oceania is an aged care center of around 40 facilities and retirement villages in New Zealand. It is working day and night to support elderly people and give them a life they are used to living. Oceania is looking for healthcare assistants at its various facilities across New Zealand.

This job opportunity is visa sponsored and open to all international candidates with at least a minimum of 1-year of experience in caregiving and healthcare. You must have good written and verbal communication skills, and all candidates must be able to perform the following duties;

Job duties:

  • All candidates must be able to provide exceptional personal care for clients and residents of the facility under the guidance and supervision of a registered nurse.
  • All candidates must be efficient in building rapport with staff, residents, and visitors.
  • All candidates must ensure to follow company policies and procedures.
  • All candidates must be able to follow the weekly roster, which includes weekends and a possible night shift at work.

Average Salary: $26.16 To $28.25 per hour. 

Apply here: Healthcare Assistant.

#3. Auckland District Health Board:

A healthcare and services provider based in Auckland District Health Board is home to more than half a million people living in Central Auckland. They also provide Specialist National Services for the whole people of New Zealand. Currently, they are in dire need of a healthcare assistant. You can apply for this job with visa sponsorship if you have the potential to give care to needy people.

You will get a chance to work under the guidance and supervision of a registered nurse. You will also be allowed to undergo training programs that will lead you to achieve level 3 NZQA qualification (NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing program), which will eventually lead to your career for a long-term career in the healthcare sector.

You will be responsible for performing certain duties under this job only if you can support and empathize with those in need. You must be able to manage the time and working environment.

Apply here:  Official Link.

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We have mentioned a list of job opportunities in New Zealand that offers visa sponsorship to international applicants. If you are interested, you can check the details in this post and apply.

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