Malaysia Work Visa Process 2023 | Details & Requirements (Explained)

Malaysia Work Visa Process 2023 | Details & Requirements (Explained)

Malaysia Work Visa Procedure 2023: Malaysia is the South Asian nation with the most well-known and renowned tourist attractions in the world. Over the past 50 years, the poverty rate in Malaysia has been reduced by a sizable percentage due to Malaysia’s assiduous work on the nation’s development. Therefore, international candidates are also actively seeking employment in Malaysia. Malaysia, like all other nations, does not permit foreigners to enter the country without permission or valid documentation.

Therefore, if you wish to relocate to Malaysia, find employment, and engage in paid activities, you will require a Malaysian Work Visa. The visa also includes a Work Permit. As with any other procedure, you must first locate an employer or job offer before applying for a work visa. If authorised by the administration responsible for issuing work permits, you will only be permitted to enter Malaysian territory.

In addition, we will describe the process of searching for employment and then applying for a visa. Several steps are involved, beginning with the collection of supporting and necessary documents and continuing with the application process. If you’re interested, please read the entire article for the complete details.

Malaysia Work Visa Process 2023 Details

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Types of Malaysia Work Permits 2023.

Once you apply for a work visa, you also get a Malaysia Work permit issued by the Malaysian Government to foreign nationals. Hence, there are the following types of work permits that are issued according to your work and employment type, such as;

  1. The Employment Pass
  2. The Temporary Employment Pass
  3. The Professional Visit Pass

Now, let’s discuss these types in detail.

#1. The Temporary Employment Pass.

As cleared by the title, this temporary pass allows you to work for up to 2 years in Malaysia. You can get your Temporary Employment Pass under the following two categories;

  • FOREIGN WORKER TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT PASS – this type of employment Pass is issued to only people with specific work areas, including; plantation, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and services. You can only apply if you belong to the eligible countries.
  • FOREIGN DOMESTIC HELPER (FDH) TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT PASS – this employment Pass is issued to female workers who want to work in households. The female domestic Helper will work in the employer’s house and help to caretake children and elderly people. You can only apply if you belong to the eligible countries.

#2. The Employment Pass.

Highly skilled foreign workers can get an Employment Pass (work permit) which will allow them to work in a Malaysian company. The highly skilled occupations include; technical or managerial positions.

Before applying for an employment Pass, your employer will have to get approval on behalf of you, the Expatriate committee, or a relevant agency to hire you.

The validity of the Employment Pass is 1 to 5 years. It also depends on the type of work you are performing. This Pass can also be renewed.

#3. The Professional Visit Pass.

This type of work permit is only for professionals who want to visit Malaysia temporarily based on some work issued by the home company. The professional visitor must be employed in the foreign company during the visit to the country. This visit Pass is valid for a duration of 12 months.

Malaysia Work Visa Requirements

A person’s eligibility only depends on the type of employment and work permit. You are eligible for the following work permits if you follow the certain rules of eligibility, such as;

  • For Employment Pass, you must have all the certificates and diplomas for the position you are applying for and some experience on hands in the relevant fields. The candidates must earn an amount of RM 3,000 per month, and in some cases, they must earn up to RM 10,000.
  • For Temporary Employment Pass, candidates must belong to eligible Countries and have an age limit between 18 to 45. As for women helpers, you must be between 25 to 45 years. Whereas the TEP does not require higher qualifications.
  • For a Professional Visit, you must work for a non-Malaysian company and are only allowed to work for a specific time period. You need a sponsor In Malaysia for these activities. The categories included in professional visitors are; film workers, foreign artists, government workers, religious workers, guest lecturers, volunteers, and students undergoing training.

How to get Malaysia Work Visa?

After a job offer, your employer will get you a work permit on behalf of you the Immigration Department of Malaysia; once you receive a work permit, you can apply for a work visa and travel to Malaysia. The following steps are involved in the process of applying for a work visa;

  • First, your employer will apply for an Expatriate post from the Expatriate Committee (EC); once the Committee approves the quota, the employer will apply for the work permit.
  • Once your work permit is approved, you will receive a visa approval letter; the next step will be to check whether you belong to the country that requires an entry visa or not. The candidates belonging to the countries who need entry visas apply for them; otherwise, they do not.
  • After your arrival in Malaysia, you must pay the fees and submit the passport to the Malaysian Immigration Department; they will put a sticker on your passport and give you a work permit card. You can start working.

Malaysia Visa without a reference and a Visa with a reference

The Malaysian visa without reference is issued for social visits or tourism and is usually a single-entry visa. The High Commission issues it.

Whereas a Malaysia Work Visa with reference is issued and authorized by the Immigration Department. This type of visa is required if you want to travel to Malaysia for studies, work, or to join a family member.

Malaysia Work Visa Processing Time

The processing time depends on the method and your country. Such as;

  • The online application takes up to 100 hours (a few days).
  • Applying through eNTRI (electronic travel registration and information) will take up to 48 to 72 hours.
  • If you apply manually, it will depend on the office and could usually take up to 7 to 8 working days.

Malaysia Work Visa Cost:

  • Employment Pass – RM 200 per year
  • Professional Visit Pass – RM 360 per year
  • Student Visa- RM 60 per year
  • Malaysia Visa on Arrival fee – RM 100

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Today we have gathered all the information regarding the Malaysia work visa and its types. If you are looking for a work opportunity in Malaysia, you are encouraged to go through this post, read the provided information, and apply. Best of Luck!

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