KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023 | OnlineSubmit Applications

KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023 | OnlineSubmit Applications

KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023: Germany has invested heavily in improving its educational system and strives to ensure that every citizen, regardless of their financial situation, has the opportunity to obtain a university education. Due to the fact that public institutions are free for their citizens, Germany has, for some time now, also provided international students with numerous opportunities in education and careers. You can now apply for various scholarship opportunities and study in Germany for free.

We have also given you a KAAD Germany Scholarship for the 2023 session so that you can continue your postgraduate studies.With these scholarships, you’ll be able to keep learning at any of Germany’s top colleges and universities.

The acronym KAAD stands for Catholic Academic Exchange Service. It is a German Catholic Church institute that awards scholarships to scientists and Postgraduate students from all over the world, particularly those from developing nations. The institute encourages students to work for the improvement and advancement of the community in which they study and their home country. Contribute to the holistic development of society by working within religious and interreligious dimensions.

Then, let’s say you are able and willing to build networks and finish your research. Therefore, you must seize this opportunity and support your studies with KAAD Institute Financial Aid. This article contains all the information regarding the scholarship program, so please read it thoroughly to obtain all the details.

KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023 Details

  • Country: Germany
  • Host Institute: Catholic Academic Exchange Service
  • Degree level: Postgraduate
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Deadline: 30th June 2023.

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KAAD Scholarships Benefits

The KAAD institute offers a lot of benefits to its students; some of these benefits are as follows;

  • Full Tuition fee coverage
  • Travel expenses coverage
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Sponsored conference participations
  • Literature expenses Coverage
  • Medical insurance coverage

Types of KAAD Scholarships Germany 2023.

There are following three types of KAAD Scholarships in Germany for the year 2023, such as;

#1. KAAD Scholarship Type 1:

The type 1 scholarship is for those international students who have completed their graduation and want to travel to Germany to further their studies in postgraduate programs. These programs are looked after by the regional partner committees, church representatives, and University professors.

#2. KAAD Scholarship Type 2:

The type 2 Scholarship is given to international students already studying in German universities or institutes. The campus Ministry must nominate you for the type 2 Scholarship from the KAAD institute.

#3. KAAD Eastern Europe Scholarship:

This type of Scholarship is offered to international students who want to pursue a short study program or research stays in Germany. The regional partner committees also look after this Scholarship.

KAAD Scholarships Eligibility criteria 

Suppose you want to apply for the KAAD Scholarships Germany in 2023. In that case, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria established by the KAAD institute for each of the following types:

KAAD Scholarships type 1:

  • All international candidates from developing countries can apply for the scholarship program.
  • All applicants must have a university degree.
  • All applicants must have some professional experience.
  • All applicants must apply for the Ph.D. degree or research programs at any institute in Germany.
  • All applicants must belong to the Catholic religion.
  • All non-Catholic students are also eligible if they are administered Catholic partners or show commitment to inter-religious dimensions.
  • All applicants must also present German language skills or course study of at least 6 months in Germany.

KAAD Scholarship Type 2:

  • All applicants belonging to developing countries are eligible to apply for the Scholarship.
  • All applicants must study at any German University or institute for at least 10 months.
  • All applicants must intend to acquire a Master’s degree or Ph.D. study program.
  • All applicants must belong to the Catholic religion.
  • Non-Catholic applicants can also apply if Catholic partners introduce them, or at least they commit to inter-religious dimensions.
  • All applicants must also possess German language skills.

KAAD Eastern Europe Scholarship:

  • All applicants must belong to Eastern Europe countries.
  • All applicants must be Catholic or at least introduced by Catholic partners.
  • All applicants must possess German language skills.

Required Documents 

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • Letter of intent
  • Complete academic transcripts
  • Complete degree certificates
  • Scholarship application Resume/CV
  • Cover letter
  • Plan of Study
  • Recommendation letters
  • Motivation letter
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP)

How to apply for KAAD Scholarships?

All International applicants will need to apply from the official website of the KAAD Scholarship program. You can download the application form from the website and Complete the application form by filling out all the required sections.

Remember to attach all the required documents or any other additional documents. Submit and wait for the response. The link to the official website is given below;

KAAD Scholarships 2023 Official Link

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Today we have posted the details regarding the KAAD Scholarships in Germany for international students. The Scholarship offers Fully Funded Post Graduate degree programs in Germany, so take advantage of it. If you are interested, you can apply through the official link mentioned in the post.

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